Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I want to know the e-mail address of mr. mauro arce, the owner of selecta feeds, inc.?

i have some important information regarding mr. %26amp; mrs. martell|||Just go to google and search by name or company name you will surely found a best search result for all these. ALL THE BEST|||i cant believe this but here it is


Have a booze collection? / What are they?

What do u think of my drink collection?:

I very rarely drink. These are centerpiece in my apartment - some are on crystal decant, the ugly bottles like Martell (vsop) and Hennessy (xo) and some are gifts

Navan - natural vanilla

Martell (vsop)

Hennessy (xo)

Braastad (xo/superior)

R茅my Martin (xo)

what are other good cognacs you know?|||Grand Marnier - orange flavored cognac (makes Navan)

B %26amp; B - spiced cognac, very sweet, excellent.|||I have a collection of Absolut Vodka because they have awesome limited edition bottles.

I have 14 so far.

Plus Absolut vodka is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I am thirsty|||Collection is good.

Is this a good team considering its 20 team league?

Jarrett Jack

Richard Hamilton

Jason Kapono

Jerry Stackhouse

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Bosh

Yi Jianlian

Mikki Moore

Tyson Chandler

Fabricio Oberto

Martell Webster

Wally Szczerbiak

Those are my starters stats are MIN, FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PTM, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, ST, BLK, A/T, PF, TECH

Tell me wut u guys think of this if ill do any good in a 20 team league with my team|||NO

Would you make a cocktail for Patron Anejo?

Patron Silver is actually the one that is suppose to be for cocktails

- Patron-A is my first tequila taste and If I would be honest to myself - cognac like Martell VSOP is much better than Patron-A|||Not personally, I don't like Patron, but it's too expencive to waste in a cocktail.|||Anejo tequila is meant to be sipped neat, plain and simple. To use it in a drink is pointless, since you'll miss out on the nuances aging provides. Stick with blancos and repos for cocktails.

Get away from Patron. It's overpriced junk that has almost all of the agave flavor stripped away to make it more appealing to the inexperienced American palate. They don't even sell it in Mexico.|||I've tasted this, and I know it's not something you would drink neat because it doesn't really have a distinct flavour but it only has a different feeling

I would mix it with passion fruit and peach juice and add syrup. I've been to great parties and the cocktails are so simple yet so good|||I wouldn't waste my money on any version of Patron.

If I were to spend that kind of money on Te Kill Ya, I would buy something called Chinaco

Google it and read how Tequila is supposed to taste.

How do you think the T-Wolves will do this year?

they have G/F Corey Brewer, young sophomores Flynn and Ellington, 4th pick Wesley johnson, Kevin Love, Al Jefferson (might leave), new additions Michael Beasley, Darko Milicic, and Martell Webster. Dont forget, theyre trying to get David Lee too. What do you think?|||david lee was traded to the warriors in a sign and trade yesterday. i think the t wolves will improve from last year but be like a 10 seed in the west.|||Why did they pick Wesley Johnson!?? I'm so surprised. I was sure that they would try DeMarcus Cousins, who's undoubtedly the best big in the draft.

Poorly, unless they land Lee, then I see them possibly as a 8th seed.

Which of the following classic is the best?

I have to read one of these for Summer Reading for my AP Lit class. Which one would you choose?

All the King鈥檚 Men Robert Penn Warren

Color Purple Alice Walker

East of Eden John Steinbeck

Life of Pi Yann Martell

Plainsong Kent Haruf|||In my opinion East of Eden is the best written. Good v. Evil book - mirrors Cain and Abel. I love this book!

Life of Pi - very good read and fairly quick. Worth reading.

Plainsong - The quickest read on the list. You can actually skim parts and it will still make sense. Some people love this book. I thought it was okay.|||As you're reading the book you'll notice that characters that have names that begin with C are evil (like Cain), and A named characters are good (like Abel). It's such a fantasic book, I hope you enjoy it!

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|||Color Purple|||Colour Purple - or - All the King's Men

Hope that helps ^_^|||Color Purple by: Alice Walker because my sister seemed to like it.|||for female prolly colour purple|||Color Purple|||The Color Purple|||I absolutely loved East of Eden, so I'd vote for that one.

I enjoyed Life of Pi as well, but I don't think of it as a "classic", though it's still a very enjoyable book.|||Go for the stunning simplicity of Steinbeck.|||None.

You have Steinbeck (generally good), and I've heard good things about All the Kings Men, and I've never heard of Palinsong... the other two are pure dung in my personal opinon.

Why don't they let you choose someting GOOD?

Ask if you can read Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harret Beecher Stowe. Not P.C. these days, but it is probably the single most influental book in American History. According to Stowe's son, when Abraham Lincoln met her in 1862 Lincoln commented, "So this is the little lady who started this great war." I would say that helping to start the Civil War makes that book a bit more important than anything on your list. When you get 150,000 men to march into the middle of Gettysburg Pennsylvania and start shooting each other over anything Yann Martel or Alice Walker write, I'll reconsider that statment.

OR you could read almost anything by Charles Dickens... Great Expectations is my favorite, but Bleak House (who can forget the case of Jarndyce vs. Jarndyce?) is good too.

If you MUST read Stienbeck , read Travels with Charlie. That's a great book. I really enjoyed it.

On Human Bondage by Sommerset Maughm is excellent.


C.S. Lewis' THAT HIDEOUS STRENGHT is fantastic. I think it is his best work, though I am also partial to The Great Divorce.

The Mote in God's Eye is widely considered to be the best Science Fiction Novel ever written. Larry Niven (one of the co-authors) said that the hardest thing to write is a good alien, you have to write where they think AS WELL as you do, but DIFFERENTLY. Very difficult to do, but he, (and Jerry Pournelle) pull it off beautifuly.

What about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? What about Edgar Allen Poe? The guy practically invented the horror story, detctive fiction and crime fiction. Where would network televison be today without him? THAT is an influental writer!

What about Kipling? In 1907, Kipling was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first English language writer to receive the prize, and he remains today its youngest-ever recipient.

What about Jules Vern? Inspiring several generations of engineers to make things like submarines and trips to the moon ought to count for something.

Then there is Hawthorne (I'm undecided on him, but he should be mentioned).

There is Beowulf and Gilgamesh, the first story in English and the first story EVER, as far as we can tell. There is Homer and Iliad and the Odyssey and Vergil's Aeneid.

Michael Shaara's THE KILLER ANGELS, which is on the Military Academy's required reading lists. (I had to read it three times when I was in Army Officer Training).

Here is a link to the Spark Notes so your teacher won't have to do any work in order to let you read it.


Speaking of Military Academy reading lists, STARSHIP TROOPERS by Robert Heinlien was on the required reading list at all three academies at one time or another, I am told. Raises a lot of good points, and makes you think outside the box.

My advice is go ask your teacher to read something GOOD, and argue your way out of the list of dreck she gave you to choose from|||Definitely Steinbeck--he's an incredible writer! Life of Pi is supposed to be interesting, but haven't read that one.

PS: Come on, now, sicking Gilgamesh on the poor kid?! He'll go crazy analyzing the philosophy in that! Poe is always a thrill, even if the works are much shorter than typically allowed.|||Mmm. I've heard great things from fellow graduate students about _East of Eden_. Plus I rather like Steinbeck. So I'd choose that or _The Color Purple_.

I had to read _Anna Karenina_ over the summer for my AP lit class.|||Color Purple by Alice Walker|||OK I am older so I am going old school with "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker (which I just saw in Chi-town at the Cadillac Theatre as a musical) or "East of Eden" by John Steinbeck. I am not dismissing the other choices; truth be told they are all excellent choices; it is a matter of personal opinion. Read any of these books and you will be the richer, my friend.|||'East Of Eden'|||My personal choice is East of Eden by Steinbeck. The Color Purple and The Life of Pi use more contemporary lanugage and might be easier reads though. Good luck!|||humpty dumbty sat on a wall too!

Are any of these guys busts with the hype that surrounded them coming in or is it still 2 early?

1)Julian wright of the hornets,

2)Sebastian telfair of the twolves

3)Martell webster of the blazers

4)Gerald green of dallas

5)Andrew Bougut of bucks

6)Adam morrison of the bobcats|||Morrison, Green and Telfair are all busts cuz in Morrison's case he isn't athletic enough ( he IS white), Green has no basketball IQ and Telfair is Marbury's cousin with 1/4 the talent.

Wright doesn't play cuz they signed Posey, not cuz Wright isn't good. Webster is pretty good, but he is injured a lot and other guys got in the rotation above him.

Bogut doesn't put up #1 pick like stats, but like Kwame Brown he's a good player although he's much better rebounder and scores a little more than Kwame.|||Morrison, Webster and Green.|||Adam Morrison

Martell webster

Gerald Green

Sebastian Telfair

Andrew Bogut is not bad hes just not a superstar he avg a double double hes just a solid player who can still improve